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    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals.

    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals in which the federal government and the provincial government work together cooperatively, rather than separately.
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    We are the New Brunswick Salmon Council. Affiliated with the Atlantic Salmon Federation, with which we cooperate in our common pursuits. The NBSC promotes and supports conservation planning and management at the watershed level, as an ecological and geographic unit, as the basis for promoting the most effective use of, and accountability for, funds made available to its funded projects
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    The NBSC, ASF, and our affiliates work together to protect wild Atlantic salmon and their precious freshwater and marine environments. The NBSC and our member organizations conduct scientific research and promote education and public awareness programs.
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    The work of the Council is carried out by volunteers and it is funded entirely by donations from persons interested in the conservation and wise management of the wild Atlantic salmon.

Election 2015

The NBSC sent a series of election questions to each political party, these are the responses we've recieved so far.

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Libreral Response

NDP Response


Please note that this response was recieved after the deadline.

Green Party



ASCF Protect Rivers

Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundations “Protect our Rivers”


The “Protect our Rivers” program is running in Alcool NB Liquor stores across New Brunswick until September 27th. This program benefits rivers by providing funds for local conservation projects. The full list of participating products is linked below.

Mail the ASCF your ANBL receipts from the purchase of “Protect Our Rivers” participating products and they will enter your name in for one of their prized hats! Contest will end Sept. 27th.
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Complete list of Products

Cold water Pools Opened on Aug 31

See the variation order here