• We Believe....

    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals.

    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals in which the federal government and the provincial government work together cooperatively, rather than separately.
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    We are the New Brunswick Salmon Council. Affiliated with the Atlantic Salmon Federation, with which we cooperate in our common pursuits. The NBSC promotes and supports conservation planning and management at the watershed level, as an ecological and geographic unit, as the basis for promoting the most effective use of, and accountability for, funds made available to its funded projects
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    The NBSC, ASF, and our affiliates work together to protect wild Atlantic salmon and their precious freshwater and marine environments. The NBSC and our member organizations conduct scientific research and promote education and public awareness programs.

Officers, Directors and Committees

NBSC Officers

Person Title E-Mail Contact
John Pugh President flytyer@rogers.com
David LeBlanc Vice president restigouche@globetrotter.net
Kevin Davidson 2nd Vice President kevindavidson56@gmail.com
Peter Cronin Past President pjcronin18@gmail.com
Rod Currie Secretary racurrie@nbsympatico.ca
George Findlay Treasurer georgefindlay_1999@yahoo.com 
Jim Marriner Governance Committee jmmarriner@rogers.com
Debbie Norton Programs Committee adventures@upperoxbow.com
Bill Gammon Environment Committee dungarvon@icloud.com
John Bagnall Fisheries / Communications Committees johnbagnall@rogers.com


NBSC Directors

Contact Telephone Affiliate Organizations Email     
Brian Fields 207-551-1556 Atlantic Salmon for Northern Maine brdjfields@gmail.com 
George Findlay 506-392-5947 Club chasse & peche de Saint-Leonard georgefindlay_1999@yahoo.com
Yvon Cormier   Club Loisir de la Riviere Caraquet ycormier@hotmail.com 
Ronald Godin 506-381-1300 Dieppe Fly Tying Club info@dieppeflytying.com
Tim Robinson 506-379-3401 Fort Folly Habitat Recovery timr@nb.sympatico.ca
Dave Sawler 506-260-0488 Fredericton Fish & Game Association dsawler@exitadvantage.ca
John Blenis 506-832-5965 Hammond River Angling Association jhblenis@xplornet.ca
Stephen Wilson 506-325-1100 Meduxnekeag River Association stepwil@nbnet.nb.ca
Kevin Shaw 506-246-5375 Miramichi Headwaters Salmon Federation kevinshaw1960@gmail.com
Mark Hambrook 506-622-4000 Miramichi Salmon Association mark@miramichisalmon.ca
Ron Cybulski 506-854-9804 Moncton Fish & Game Association 410rcy@gmail.com
Bill Gammon 506-459-8560 Nashwaak Watershed Association dungarvon@icloud.com
Dale Norton 506-622-8834 NB Professional Guides and Outfitters Association adventures@upperoxbow.com
Wayne Clowater 506 547-1884 Nepisiguit Salmon Association wayne.clowater@gmail.com
James Sinclair 506-389-2605 New Brunswick Wildlife Federation clubsinc@nbnet.nb.ca
Debbie Norton 506-622-8834 Northumberland Salmon Protective Association    adventures@upperoxbow.com
Rod Currie 506-458-5643 Oromocto Watershed Association racurrie@nb.sympatico.ca
Milton Goggin 506-756-2594 Petitcodiac Sportsmen's Club miltongoggin@yahoo.com
Arnold Boer 506-455-4951 Restigouche Camp Owners Association arnoldb@nbnet.nb.ca
David LeBlanc 506-759-7300 Restigouche River Watershed Management Council restigouche@globetrotter.net 
F. Robert Hewett 418-865-2942 Ristigouche Salmon Club rsc3@globetrotter.net
Kevin Davidson 506-387-7136 Sackville Rod & Gun Club kevindavidson56@gmail.com
John Bagnall 506-457-1042 Saint John Basin Salmon Recovery Inc. johnbagnall@rogers.com
Jim Cormier 506-432-4788 Sussex Fish & Game Association creeksidecormier@gmail.com
Robert O'Donnell 506-356-7251 Tobique Salmon Protective Association





Danny Bird 506-284-2173   kedgwick.lodgemanager@gmail.com
Charlie LeBlanc 506-866-4345   cleblan618@rogers.com
Gary Spencer 506-470-1132   spencerenviro@gmail.com
James Marriner 506-387-7733   jmmarriner@rogers.com



John Pugh (Chair) Peter Cronin 
Jim Marriner Debbie Norton
George Findlay John Bagnall
Bill Gammon David LeBlanc
Kevin Davidson Rod Currie



John Bagnall (Chair) Peter Cronin
David Leblanc Debbie Norton
Jacques Heroux Robert Legere
Charlie Leblanc Bob O'Donnell
Nathan Wilbur John Pugh


Resources, Habitat and Environment

Bill Gammon (Chair) Peter Cronin
Gary Spencer (Aquaculture Sub-Committee Chair) John Bagnall
George Findlay Nathan Wilbur



John Bagnall (Chair) Peter Cronin
Danny Bird Phillip Lee
Paul Elson Nathan Wilbur



Jim Marriner (Chair) Peter Cronin
Danny Bird John Pugh
Debbie Norton Stephen Wilson
Nathan Wilbur  



George Findlay (Chair) Peter Cronin
Jody Middleton Todd Kennedy
Arnold Boer Jim Baressi
Debbie Norton Jim Marriner
Nathan Wilbur