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    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals.

    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals in which the federal government and the provincial government work together cooperatively, rather than separately.
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    We are the New Brunswick Salmon Council. Affiliated with the Atlantic Salmon Federation, with which we cooperate in our common pursuits. The NBSC promotes and supports conservation planning and management at the watershed level, as an ecological and geographic unit, as the basis for promoting the most effective use of, and accountability for, funds made available to its funded projects
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    The NBSC, ASF, and our affiliates work together to protect wild Atlantic salmon and their precious freshwater and marine environments. The NBSC and our member organizations conduct scientific research and promote education and public awareness programs.

SMB Eradication


Please Help Support the Proposed Project to Eradicate Invasive Smallmouth Bass from the Greater Miramichi River System


As you know, smallmouth bass are serious competitors with, and predators of juvenile Atlantic salmon.  Unless bass are eliminated from Miramichi Lake, where they were illegally introduced, and from a short section of the Southwest Miramichi River into which they migrated, they will become established throughout much of the remainder of the Greater Miramichi watershed.

We are accepting donations to support the North Shore Mic Mac District Council and Working Group partners to eradicate smallmouth bass from the range in which they presently exist in the Southwest Miramichi system.  The funds will be used to purchase a Health Canada-approved piscicide and necessary equipment, and to implement the eradication. The results and ecosystem recovery will be monitored for 5 years.  These donations are tax deductible.  Unless you specifically request it, your name will be published on this site as a donor, but the amount you contribute will not.

Until we get an electronic funding system in place, cheques to the NB Salmon Council can be sent to:


c/o Mr. George Findlay (Treasurer)

411 Feeney Road

Carlow, NB  E7L2Y2