The New Brunswick Salmon Council (NBSC) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization, dedicated to the protecting wild Atlantic salmon and supporting the restoration and enhancement activity on all watersheds in New Brunswick.

Sept 4, 2014 - The New Brunswick Salmon Council sent a series of questions to all the political parties in New Brunswick.

Download 'their' Responses


1) Salmon Protection Barrier Pools - If your party forms the government, will you

  1. continue to provide the necessary capital, construction, operational and maintenance funding for all four existing DNR salmon protection barrier pools in New Brunswick and,

  2. commit to developing a Terms of Reference for developing a strategy that will ensure long-term sustainability of the protection barriers? 



page2image24432 page2image245922) Forest Strategy - If your party forms the government, will you:

  1. demonstrate to our stakeholders using detailed, peer-reviewed scientific studies how the new strategy will or will not adversely affect the freshwater aquatic habitat that supports wild Atlantic salmon, including cold water sources and headwater spawning and rearing areas?

  2. Be prepared to reconsider the terms of this policy if it cannot be demonstrated that the new/current strategy will not adversely affect wild Atlantic salmon? (e.g. return to pre-2012 riparian zone forest buffer dimensions and allowable harvest within).

  3. Permit provincial biologists, foresters, hydrologists and environmental scientists the freedom to participate in public meetings by openly discussing science as well as interpretation of science that either contradicts or supports current or future fisheries management decisions including the 2014 Crown Forestry strategy.

  4. Commit to a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the new strategy to ensure that necessary mitigation and compensation is identified and applied? 


3) Fish and Wildlife Commission – If your party forms the government, what will your position be with regard to the concept of separating the Fish & Wildlife Branch from the Department of Natural Resources to establish it as a standalone commission wherein:

  1. Fish and Wildlife related revenues are directed specifically to F&W initiatives and programs such as research, enforcement, protection barriers, management.

  2. Sufficient supplemental funding is provided to this commission from general revenues so that it can be invested toward developing a progressive and lucrative sporting industry in the province. 


4) Recreational Fisheries Liaison Committee – If your party forms the government:

  1. will you support and commit to defining and establishing a recreational fisheries liaison committee that will be comprised of government and non-government participants with a mandate to collectively and openly discuss fisheries issues, management options and strategies to ensure sustainable populations of our inland fisheries resources and the recreational fisheries which they support?

  2. If not,why not? 


5) Enforcement and Protection – Does your party believe that the present status of Fish and Wildlife protection and enforcement within the Province of NB is sufficient to protect the resources and the associated recreational and economic benefits? If yes, please provide rationale. If not, why not?

6) Shale Gas – If your party forms the government, will you:

  1. Ensure the Rules for Industry clearly define when, where and how waste water and fluids are to be handled, transported, treated and disposed of, in a manner that will not threaten surface water quality and aquatic health?

  2. Ensure the Rules for Industry include mandatory baseline and ongoing aquatic health monitoring in surface waters so as to include benthic communities as well as water quality, conducted by independent third parties?

  3. Delay commercial development until a) and b) and the other mitigation measures identified in the NB Salmon Council’s policy (attached) on unconventional shale gas development are adequately covered by the Rules for Industry? 


7) Finfish aquaculture – Peer reviewed science clearly demonstrates a negative impact of open net-pen reared Atlantic salmon on wild salmon populations. Since the ownership of Wild Atlantic salmon, while in the state of nature, are like all wildlife and fish within the Province, is vested in the Provincial Crown and the province has an obligation for conservation of these stocks, what is your party’s position on:

a. Movingtheopennet-penfinfishaquacultureindustryoutofthemarine environment and into land-based closed containment systems?

b. Establishing incentives intended to encourage industry to move their operations into land-based closed containment systems? 


8) Mactaquac Dam - Does your party support the removal of the Mactaquac Dam and the restoration of a free-flowing, ecologically-restored St. John River, the second largest river in eastern North America and at one time home to arguably the largest fully public recreational fishery for Atlantic salmon in North America?