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    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals.

    We believe that the time has come for the implementation of an integrated approach to Atlantic salmon conservation goals in which the federal government and the provincial government work together cooperatively, rather than separately.
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    We are the New Brunswick Salmon Council. Affiliated with the Atlantic Salmon Federation, with which we cooperate in our common pursuits. The NBSC promotes and supports conservation planning and management at the watershed level, as an ecological and geographic unit, as the basis for promoting the most effective use of, and accountability for, funds made available to its funded projects
  • New Brunswick Salmon Council

    The NBSC, ASF, and our affiliates work together to protect wild Atlantic salmon and their precious freshwater and marine environments. The NBSC and our member organizations conduct scientific research and promote education and public awareness programs.

ASF/NBSC Fredericton Dinner

NB Power Chair, Ed Barrett, Delivers Intriguing Presentation at Fredericton Fundraising Dinner
BY: John Bagnall, NB Salmon Council Communications Chair
DATE: April 24, 2018
On April 11 of this year, the Atlantic Salmon Federation fundraising dinner was held at the Fredericton Inn.  The Dinner Planning Committee, chaired by Jason Hallett, was comprised of volunteers from the NB Salmon Council (NBSC or the Council), affiliates such as the Fredericton Fish and Game and Association and others from the local angling community.  During the event, the 233 attendees were serenaded by musician Clinton Fernandez.
Master-of-Ceremonies, Rose Arsenault, once again did a fine job at keeping the proceedings flowing on schedule.  One of Rose’s many communications was her recognition of Rod Currie as this year’s recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation.
Jardine Auctioneers donated their services, and helped to generate revenue from successful bids on 14 items including fishing trips to the Ristigouche Salmon Club’s Red Pine Lodge, the Province’s Larry’s Gulch, McKeil Brook, and Slate Island.
Photo 1 Attendees Enjoying the Fredericton Dinner
This year’s Dinner Honoree was Mr. Ed Barrett, who chairs the Board of Directors of NB Power, which, under his guidance, is now listening to and addressing the Council’s concerns.  Mr. Barrett and his staff have recognized the importance of the St. John River’s wild Atlantic salmon to the citizens of NB.  They have worked closely with regulators, First Nations and stakeholders to bring about improvements to NB Power facilities and operations to make them more compatible with the requirements of wild fish populations.  Two major, recently-implemented NB Power initiatives are: adjustments to improve winter water temperatures in the discharge from the storage reservoirs in the headwaters of the Tobique River, and the design and construction of the recently-unveiled, state-of-the art downstream fish-passage and collection facility at Tobique Narrows Dam.  Both interventions will significantly improve the survival rates of the Atlantic salmon of the great St. John (Wolastoq) River system.
After his introduction by Past-President of the St. John Basin Salmon Recovery Inc., Gary Spencer, Mr. Barrett delivered a speech, thanking the ASF and NBSC for their recognition of NB Power for their recent efforts in salmon conservation.  In his encouraging presentation, Mr. Barrett stressed that the two previously-mentioned mitigation measures on the Tobique were just a start; that NB Power is committed to continuing to implement measures to improve the compatibility of power generation with a renewed and sustainable upper St. John River Atlantic salmon population.  He surprised the attendees when he asserted that if the Mactaquac Generating Station had not been built, and were instead proposed today, it would never be constructed.  He also informed the audience that, in the coming years, NB Power will be relying more on a diverse range of renewable energy sources, and less on mega-project type stations to generate power.
These welcome remarks seem to confirm the arrival of a new era during which NB Power and conservation groups can, and are willing, to co-operate to tackle the remaining fish passage problems on the upper river.  Mr. Barrett’s address was a fitting cap to a very enjoyable evening.
Photo 2 Fredericton Dinner Honoree, Mr. Ed Barrett, Chair, NB Power Board of Directors Addressing the Dinner Attendees 

2018 Atlantic Salmon Regulations Update

Message from DFO regarding the Atlantic Salmon Regulations 

Good afternoon,

At the time I write this message, no decision regarding the Atlantic salmon fisheries in New Brunswick or in the Gulf Region has been announced yet for 2018. Please be informed that the Atlantic salmon recreational fisheries will start April 15 in New Brunswick (where open for black salmon fishing) under last year’s fishing measures, that are still in effect, until further notice.


Frédéric Butruille

A/Regional Senior Fisheries Management Officer / Agent régional principal de gestion des pêches p.i.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada / Pêches et Océans Canada
Moncton, NB
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2017 LG Award Announced

2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Announced!

Rod Currie was Presented the Council’s 2017 Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation on April 11th See all the details here

Congratulations Mr Currie!