The New Brunswick Salmon Council (NBSC) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization, dedicated to the protecting wild Atlantic salmon and supporting the restoration and enhancement activity on all watersheds in New Brunswick.


The Smallmouth Bass Eradication Working Group is looking for volunteers to help with removal


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Invasive Species | Miramichi Smallmouth Bass Eradication



Presentation on Striped bass at House of Commons Standing Committee


The NBSC testified on April 1 2019 before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans


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Update May 16,2021: NBSC’s stand on striped bass remains the same – too many striped bass are not compatible with healthy Miramichi salmon populations


NB Salmon Council in Working Group negotiating allowable recreational fisheries harvest details for Atlantic salmon at various abundance levels on the Northwest/Little Southwest and Southwest Miramichi systems.  This group, which also includes fellow salmon conservation organizations, First Nations representatives, provincial representatives and DFO personnel, is part of a DFO initiative to have salmon harvests comply with the so-called “Precautionary Approach” (PA).  An attempt is being made to implement the PA on all Canada’s harvested fish stocks.  The NBSC used the following first principles in guiding our negotiations in the Working Group.

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Recent News from one of our more active affiliates, the Nepisiguit Salmon Association


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Please Help Support the Proposed Project to Eradicate Invasive Smallmouth Bass from the Greater Miramichi River System


As you know, smallmouth bass are serious competitors with, and predators of juvenile Atlantic salmon.  Unless bass are eliminated from Miramichi Lake, where they were illegally introduced, and from a short section of the Southwest Miramichi River into which they migrated, they will become established throughout much of the remainder of the Greater Miramichi watershed.

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