The New Brunswick Salmon Council (NBSC) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of wild Atlantic salmon and supporting the restoration and enhancement of Atlantic salmon and their habitats on all their native watersheds in New Brunswick.

The following letters appeared in the Brunswick press NB papers during the first week of August.  They accurately state the devastating effects bass, particularly striped bass are having the Atlantic salmon populations of the greater Miramichi River.  The populations of the Northwest and Little Southwest have been particularly affected.  The situation is worse than the letters express.  Also depicted are the actual NW barrier counts in comparison with 2022, which was a terrible year in itself.




Dear Sir:

RE:      Comment on Feb. 26 McNally Article “Camps, guides want river salmon quota raised”

This letter provides the NB Salmon Council’s (NBSC’s) support to our affiliate, the Restigouche River Camp Owners’ Association, in their request to have the daily catch-and-release (C&R) limit for salmon restored to four from two. It is not only the guides and camp businesses of northern New Brunswick that want the C&R limit for Atlantic salmon to be reverted to the number allowed prior to 2020.  The ordinary citizen members of the 22 organizations that the NBSC represents want this reversal as well. 


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Late in 2021, following a period of declining heath, Bryant Freeman, one of New Brunswick’s most knowledgeable and caring fly fishing and fly-tying personalities passed away.  Bryant was a consummate gentleman.  For many years he was the proprietor of Eskape Anglers in Riverview, where he tied flies, and personally prepared his fly-tying fur, feathers, hair, and other materials.

Pertaining to his fly fishing passion, he was a creator of thoughtfully prepared fly patterns and as well, was intimately knowledgeable about classic legacy patterns, which he tied beautifully.  He was a firm believer in conservation and environmental values and practices.  Bryant supported many volunteer organizations throughout his career, and offered his knowledge freely to New Brunswick’s fly tyers and those from away.

In his honour, the New Brunswick Salmon Council has created a memorial fund in his name, a fund which will be dedicated to salmon conservation initiatives in our Province.  The NB Salmon Council can issue a tax receipt for your donation. Donation cards are available by contacting the Council on this website, from several Council Directors, and will, in time, be available at funeral homes around NB.  Donors can also copy the images from this document, print them, and use them as their donation cards.









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The NB Salmon Council’s answers to DFO’s Request for input on the Wild Salmon Conservation Strategy.

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