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Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation

2013 Recipient: Manley Price

Born and raised on the banks of the Southwest Miramichi, Boiestown has been home to Manley Price for much of his life.  After beginning his 49 year career with International Paper as a teen, Manley worked much of that time in and around the Miramichi except for a decade in the Restigouche and Gaspe regions.

In 1994, Manley left his position as Woodland’s Supervisor of the Boiestown operation (Avenor at the time) to take the position of Manager at Rocky Brook Camp.  Recognizing the important role that Rocky Brook Camp could play in conserving and protecting wild Atlantic salmon, Manley convinced owners of the value their stewardship could provide. The Rocky Brook Fisheries Management Program was the result.  It is extensive, studying and implementing lake and stream management practices, enhancing salmon and trout populations, maintaining angling statistics, and monitoring and restoring habitat. Manley has encouraged his staff to work closely with government, industry, universities, Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) and Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) science staff as well as volunteering time on the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee as Directors and members of sub-committees, of which they have been very active.  None of this very valuable work would have taken place if not for Manley’s persistence and passion.

Manley has been a Director of the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee since its inception in 1995. The MWMC is a federation of stakeholder organizations who share a common interest in ensuring the conservation and wise use of the recreational fisheries resources of the Miramichi Recreational Fishery Area (MFRA). The Executive and Directors serve on a volunteer basis, meeting in the evenings as often as once a month; Manley has rarely missed a meeting. Manley held the position of Vice President for a number of years until he took over as President in 2003, holding that position until 2008. As President, Manley was instrumental in the completion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the MWMC, and is the signatory on the original document. The MoU created an opportunity for the MWMC to work with the federal and provincial governments in monitoring, coordinating and managing the recreational fisheries of the MRFA.

Manley is highly respected by everyone; government, industry and those just interested in recreational fisheries; and was instrumental in the many successful fisheries management improvements brought about through the work of the MWMC. Manley still serves as a Director and in 2008 took on the position of Secretary of the Board. In 2014 he will again take on the position of President.

Manley has also served as a Director of the MSA, another volunteer board, for 18 years and presently serves as Chairman of the Board. His work as Chairman initiated the Miramichi Forever Fund Campaign in recognition of the MSA’s 60th anniversary which has helped the MSA raise over $2 Million to fund projects that will protect cold water sources and ensure access to spawning grounds.  For five years Manley headed up the Conservation Planning Committee, a large job within the MSA.  

Each year Manley is able to convince the owners of Rocky Brook Camp to donate 2 salmon fishing trips, one to the MSA Fredericton Dinner and one to the MSA/NBSC/ASF Dinner in Saint John. The trip for the Saint John Dinner has sold for as much as $37,000 and represents a significant contribution to salmon tracking research programs in New Brunswick.  Manley has arranged for Rocky Brook to donate trout fishing trips for some of the lakes to numerous salmon conservation organizations across New Brunswick.  Over $1.5M in proceeds and funding have been directed to salmon conservation organizations in New Brunswick as a result of Manley’s work with Rocky Brook Camp owners.

Manley’s volunteer efforts also extended to provincial matters when he became a founding member of the New Brunswick Wildlife Council. This committed group of volunteers manages the Wildlife Trust Fund and was established in 1997 to further wildlife conservation in the province.  Manley treasures the time he spent working with this pioneering group.  He identifies the establishment of the familiar conservation license plates, complete with the iconic leaping Atlantic salmon, as highlights of his career.

Manley served as a volunteer Director of the NB Salmon Council at around the time this award was established.

We can think of nobody more deserving of this award. Manley continues to work tirelessly with the MWMC and the MSA, as well as heading the science program at Rocky Brook. Manley is truly a champion of conservation on behalf of not only salmon and other species, but also anglers, outfitters, guides and all others with economic, environmental and recreational interests in the river.