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Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation

2018 Recipient: Alan Madden

On April 16, 2019, in a ceremony at Government House, Mr. Alan Madden, fish and wildlife biologist, outdoorsman, naturalist and mentor received the 2018 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation.  The Award is the highest distinction that is presented in New Brunswick to an individual who has made outstanding efforts over a significant period to advance the cause of conserving the wild Atlantic salmon.  The award itself was hand-carved from a piece of native New Brunswick black cherry by the late Bill Page, the image depicts the hand of an angler beneath the water’s surface after having safely released an adult Atlantic salmon.  The carving is on display throughout the year at Old Government House, the official residence of New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor, who is the Honorary Matron of the Council.

Mr. Madden has significantly contributed to the conservation and enhancement of Atlantic salmon.  He was the Region 1 (Campbellton / Bathurst) Fisheries Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources (NBDNR – now DERD) for more than 30 years.  Alan’s interest in and work on Atlantic salmon and other wild species extended far beyond his employment duties.  Even though the Atlantic salmon was not a priority species for DNR, he assisted with data collection through electrofishing, trap netting and redd counts on wild Atlantic salmon for most all those years.  He was the co-author of several Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) papers on Atlantic salmon.  He is an expert in the effects of salmon catch-and-release as evidenced by his Atlantic Salmon Journal publication “In Hot Water” (autumn – 2004).

Alan has deep appreciation and expertise in forest ecology of NB.  He has particular interest in birds and is considered an expert on the effects of climate change on regional populations.  He has knowledge of forest harvests and forest management and their effects on whitetail deer populations.  He was instrumental in rehabilitating the brook trout populations of the upper Nepisiguit River and in establishing the Crown Reserve system there.  His vigorous monitoring programs have detected the presence of non-native rainbow trout in NB waters.

Everyone who knows him recognizes that Alan has a vast wealth of information on all topics fish and wildlife.  He is willing to share his information, and will help with any projects that he is asked to.  He has been a valuable mentor to young biologists and has helped NBSC affiliates with their programs.

Mr. Peter Cronin, past-president of the NBSC was the master-of-ceremonies for the event.  Regrettably, Her Honour, Lieutenant Governor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, the Honorary Matron of the NBSC, could not attend the ceremony, and it was instead hosted by her principal secretary, Tim Richardson.  Mr. Richardson delivered a congratulatory message from the Lt. Governor to Mr. Madden.  The award was presented to Mr. Madden by current NBSC president, Mr. John Pugh.

The event was attended by several Provincial Government cabinet officials, past award winners including one of the first recipients, Mr. Bud Bird, several federal and provincial fisheries managers, Atlantic Salmon Federation and NBSC officials, and Alan’s special guests, his wife and two of his daughters.  A light lunch that followed the ceremony offered opportunities for networking at catching up with old friends.

Annette Madden, 2018 Award Winner, Alan Madden, and two of his daughters, Suzanne Maillet and Tanya Madden, pose with the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation.