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New Brunswick Salmon Council Hydro and River Obstruction Policy

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Adopted by NBSC at the Dec. 8th, 2013 Board Meeting. 

RESOLVED – November 11, 1999 (Joint Board of Directors, of ASF):

1. ASF will actively oppose at the local, provincial or state level, dams or other projects which impede natural fish passage in rivers, or which would reduce, diminish or damage existing salmon habitat.

2. The ASF will seek removal of existing dams and impoundments that harm existing and historic Atlantic salmon waters, especially those that are not economically defensible, and will promote the restoration of presently degraded sites.

3. Where it is not presently feasible to remove dams, the ASF will work cooperatively with industry partners to insure safe and efficient upstream and downstream passage is provided for salmon.

4. The ASF will join with other partners to promote energy conservation and environmentally friendly electricity generation methods as alternatives to building new hydroelectric dams.

5. The Atlantic Salmon Federation will advocate that all proposed hydro projects, and any existing hydro projects that are scheduled for re-licensing, be subjected to a full environmental review. In areas where licenses are not presently required for construction or operation of hydro dams, ASF will work to see license systems are adopted, that the licenses are issued for a fixed term, and that renewals are contingent upon an acceptable environmental review.

October 19, 1999