Le Conseil du saumon du Nouveau-Brunswick (CSNB) est un organisme bénévole à but non lucratif voué à la protection et à la conservation du saumon atlantique sauvage et soutenant la restauration et l'amélioration du saumon atlantique et de ses habitats dans tous ses bassins hydrographiques indigènes au Nouveau-Brunswick.

NSA Members:
This again was a very trying year for the NSA. There was never an opportunity to have our annual meeting due to COVID Restrictions.
We were also unable to host our annual supper as in years past. We did have a very successful raffle on 2 tickets to Larry’s Gulch
which brought in approx. $5000 to our funds. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NSA and our sponsors and those who
provided donations with their ongoing support of the NSA in the past year and look forward to the year ahead with your continuing
support of our efforts to strive for a healthy return of Wild Atlantic salmon to the Nepisiguit River.

In the spring of 2021, a Protocol Agreement (MOU) was signed between the NSA and Pabineau First Nations to confirm their
commitment to work collaboratively on the preservation of the Atlantic salmon on the Nepisiguit.

Approximately 76,000 eyed eggs were received from Charlo SEC and then processed through the streamside incubation boxes at the
NB Power dam site at Nepisiguit Falls. 74,000 fry were stocked in the Nepisiguit River, Pabineau Brook, Gordon Meadow Brook and
Little River [partnering with Pabineau First Nation {PFN}


Full PDF available here (Both English and French)