Le Conseil du saumon du Nouveau-Brunswick (CSNB) est un organisme bénévole à but non lucratif voué à la protection et à la conservation du saumon atlantique sauvage et soutenant la restauration et l'amélioration du saumon atlantique et de ses habitats dans tous ses bassins hydrographiques indigènes au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Dear Sir:

RE:      Comment on Feb. 26 McNally Article “Camps, guides want river salmon quota raised”

This letter provides the NB Salmon Council’s (NBSC’s) support to our affiliate, the Restigouche River Camp Owners’ Association, in their request to have the daily catch-and-release (C&R) limit for salmon restored to four from two. It is not only the guides and camp businesses of northern New Brunswick that want the C&R limit for Atlantic salmon to be reverted to the number allowed prior to 2020.  The ordinary citizen members of the 22 organizations that the NBSC represents want this reversal as well. 


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