Le Conseil du saumon du Nouveau-Brunswick (CSNB) est un organisme bénévole à but non lucratif voué à la protection et à la conservation du saumon atlantique sauvage et soutenant la restauration et l'amélioration du saumon atlantique et de ses habitats dans tous ses bassins hydrographiques indigènes au Nouveau-Brunswick.

On Election Eve, New Brunswickers Want More Protected Land


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Please Help Support the Proposed Project to Eradicate Invasive Smallmouth Bass from the Greater Miramichi River System


As you know, smallmouth bass are serious competitors with, and predators of juvenile Atlantic salmon.  Unless bass are eliminated from Miramichi Lake, where they were illegally introduced, and from a short section of the Southwest Miramichi River into which they migrated, they will become established throughout much of the remainder of the Greater Miramichi watershed.

We are accepting donations to support the North Shore Mic Mac District Council and Working Group partners to eradicate smallmouth bass from the range in which they presently exist in the Southwest Miramichi system.  The funds will be used to purchase a Health Canada-approved piscicide and necessary equipment, and to implement the eradication. The results and ecosystem recovery will be monitored for 5 years.  These donations are tax deductible.  Unless you specifically request it, your name will be published on this site as a donor, but the amount you contribute will not.

Until we get an electronic funding system in place, cheques to the NB Salmon Council can be sent to:


c/o Mr. George Findlay (Treasurer)

411 Feeney Road

Carlow, NB  E7L2Y2




Support for MSA's Wild Atlantic Salmon Strategy

The MSA has published their Wild Atlantic Salmon Recovery Strategy for 2020, the NBSC supports and has expanded on the Strategy.

Link to MSA's Strategy



NBSC Letter to Serge Doucet in support of MSA's plan

Statement on Environmental Assessment Registration of Smallmouth Bass Eradication Project

See the ASF page at the following link



Reasons for Support of CAST’s Smolt-to-Adult-Supplementation Project

The following explains in detail why we support a continuation of the Coalition for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow’s (CAST’s) Smolt-to-Adult Supplementation (SAS) program on the Northwest / Little Southwest Miramichi River systems.

We, the New Brunswick Salmon Council (NBSC) have grave concerns about the progressively decreasing wild Atlantic salmon population of the greater Miramichi system, particularly of the sub-populations of the Northwest (NW) and Little Southwest (LSW) Miramichi drainages.

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